Our Herd


The Charolais breed originates from Eastern France and hosts a characteristic white, cream-colored coat. Known for its deep, broad body and heavy frame, Charolais's deliver exceptional mass and fat contributing to highly flavored, tender, quality meat. We pair our Charolais bulls with Angus cows.


The Angus line brings higher fat content to the Charolais frame with superior marbling and well distributed fat. The Angus's higher percentage of choice and prime cuts of meat mixed with the Charolais tenderness and flavor creates the optimal beef product for consumers.

Pasture Fed

No feedlots, no confinement, pasture for life! All cows on our farm have lifetime access to pasture. Each cow is finished on grass and grain. All animals receive a certain amount of grain based on their stage of finish along with hay and fresh pasture. Our cows are clean, meaning they are hormone and antibiotic free while our meat is preservative free.

Meet your farm family

Kelsey + Tyler

We are Kelsey and Tyler, part of the fifth generation on the Waters family farm. We launched our farm-to-table operation in 2023, right after our wedding. Working with our parents to establish a new line of business our mission is to impact communities through clean, quality food while preserving the farming way of life!


A lover of books, water sports, FFA, hunting, Jesus and softball, I grew
up on the family farm surrounded by agriculture. I love farming with a passion and the educational aspect of the business for folks learning about cattle care and farm operations. My prayer for our business is for this to become Tyler’s and my full time job: raising cows, farming with family, and serving our customers. My favorite cut of beef? Cube steak!


I have dreamed of farming since age 3 - always working as a farm hand
for my neighbors while growing up in Ohio. After high school I even moved out West to Colorado and Montana as a ranch-hand and hunting guide before joining the Navy as an Aviation Rescue Swimmer. My passions include farming, my church community, carpentry, and hiking. My favorite cut of steak is NY Strip.

Family and Farm History


We work with local, family-owned farms
to bring quality products directly to you, guaranteeing the freshest tastes of home! All our products are from local farms within 60 miles, focusing on Angus and Charolais breeds.  We  also  partner  with a  neighboring family  dairy  to  provide  hand-cut  cheeses!


Waters Farms and Cattle has been
operated by family for 5 recorded generations beginning in 1856. A dedication to the land has produced 5 generations of deep agriculture understanding, committed to preserving land and producing quality cattle.


We are committed to herd genetics in order to provide highest quality beef. Our herd consists of Angus/Brangus cows bred to registered Charolais sires. This combination ensures extremely tender, flavorsome meat. All product is processed under USDA inspection.

Through the Generations

5th: Kelsey, Tyler, and Weslee

Meet bother and sister Welsee and Kelsey, and her husband Tyler.  Kelsey and Weslee grew up working cows with their full family; Mom, Dad, Gran and Pop. Weslee constantly dives into US history - which is by far his favorite subject to study. He enjoys boating and hunting of all kinds. In free time he joins the rest of the Waters family working on the farm by helping complete fence-work, work cattle, calving and hay season. Weslee's hope is to be able to support the farm full-time and is currently helping his sister and brother-in-law with Waters Farms and Cattle operations.

4th: Jerry and Donna

Jerry has been a part of the Waters farm since before he could walk, riding with his dad on the tractor and working cows, chickens, and hay since his first day. He and his wife Donna are high school sweethearts; Donna contributing a majority of her life supporting the farm since age 15, when she and Jerry began dating. Jerry was a firefighter for 34 years while Donna is a teacher going on 29 years; both working the family land alongside their careers and with their children. Donna and Jerry pioneered our current Angus/Charolais breed and began selling show heifers and steers to Central and NE FL.

3rd: Buddy and Cleo

Cleo (Gran) and Buddy (Pop) Waters officially moved to the original farmhouse in 1955, rebuilding the home to its current state. They both were school bus drivers with Buddy also serving as a volunteer firefighter for the city of Hawthorne. Cleo and Buddy truly did a lot to preserve the family and farm history, buying land from Buddy's aunts, uncles and cousins to keep the land in the family and grow the farming business. This included raising chicken pullets, growing hogs, and various products such as timber, watermelons, and hay.

2nd: Beluah and George

Beluah Shearouse spent majority of her life on the farm, growing up with her parents and siblings on the property. She married George Neal Waters and resided with her family in the home, where all 5 of her children were born, including Lee "Buddy" Waters. After her passing, George and the children moved to Gainesville for several years until Buddy and Cleo married and returned to the farm.

1st: John Washington and Alice

John Washington and Alice Shearouse worked as farmers in the Alachua county portion of the Waters Farms and Cattle operation. The earliest documentation of Shearouse operation with the property dates back to 1856 when John's father, Israel purchased the property when he and his wife and family moved to the county from Blackshear, Georgia.